1.- Garage Doors: Our garage doors are the roll up type.They retract into a cylinder above the door opening. We offer a variety of sizes up to 10’ x 10’. Please note there are no windows in our garage doors.

2.- Gable Ends: A steel panel, usually installed horizontally,with the same curve as the bow of the building. They can be installed on either end of the building, and they extend from the top of the legs up. Gable ends can be installed vertically at an additional cost.

3.- Mobile Home Anchors: Mobile home anchors are used to secure the building in a ground installation only, and they are used primarily on certified buildings. They are helical in design. They can be installed as an option on all other buildings at an additional charge.

4.- Windows: Our optional windows are 30" x 30".

5.-Concrete Anchors: Sometimes referred to as wedge achors, concrete anchors are used in building installations on concrete in place of rebar anchors.

6.- Bow: The bow is single-piece square tubing bent to make the roof of the building.

7.-Base Rails: The square tubing along the base of the building onto which the legs are attached.

8.- Header Bar: Header bars are placed at the top of the door frame when a door opening is requested, whether it is an opening with or without a door (walk-in or garge) installed.

9.- Corner Braces: Corner braces are U-shaped channels that are used to assist in reinforcing the structure of the building. On all of our building, four 2’ long corner braces come standard, and are installed on each corner of the building. Additional corner braces are available at additional cost. We recommend the use of 2’ long corner braces on each building leg (2 per bow). For buildings with legs that are longer than 8’ , we recommend that customers upgrade to 4’ corner braces on each corner, and we also recommend that they be installed on each building leg (2 per bow).

10.- Snow Braces: Sometimes referred to as center braces, snow braces are U-shaped steel channels that are installed at the center bend of the bow on structures to reinforce the roof.

11.- L-trim: L-Trim is used as decoration on the ends of regular style carports to provide a finished look. L-trim is also used around the edges of garage doors and on portions of the Box-Eve model carports.

12.- Walk-in Doors: Our optional walk in doors are 32” x 72” and they have a 9” x 9” window.

13.- Lag Bolt: Lag bolts are used to secure the building, in the place of rebar or concrete anchors, when installing on a wood platform. Should lag bolts be needed, they must be supplied by the customer or buy with an additional charge.

14.- Boxed Eve Trim: Is used as a finishing touch on boxed eve carport designs. The trim provides a boxy look on the sides of the carport.

15.- Head Channels: Are installed only on vertical buildings on sides, ends and the roof to reinforce and stable building.

16.- Corner Trim: Is used as decoration on the corners of the buildings to provide a finish look.

17.-Tubing: We form our own steel tubing at our manufacturing facility in Texas. We offer as standard the 14 guage 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” squaure tubing. As an option, our buildings can be constructed with a stronger 12 gauge 2-1/4” square tubing, at an additional charge.

18.- J-trim: J-trim is used as decorative trim underneath extra paneling on the sides of carports, around walk-in doors and windows.

19.- Legs: Legs are the lengths of square tubing that elevate the top portion of the carport. 12 Gauge legs come std. of 6 feet in length, and 14 Gauge comes std. of 5 feet in length. Leg length can increase according to your needs.

20.- Rebar Anchors: Rebar is a common steel reinforcing bar.Our rebar anchors are made from this reinforcing bar, and they are approximately 3’ long. They have a 5/8” nut welded onto one end. They are installed through a hole drilled into the base rail, and they secure the building in both ground and asphalt installations.

21.- Ridge Cap: Is used only on vertical buildings and it is installed in the middle of the roof were the panels meet.