NATIONALSTEELBUILDINGSINC.COM offers you two main roof designs: Regular Style Carport and A-Frame Style Carport (BOX-EVE CARPORT). The first design (REGULAR STYLE ) can be constructed in 14 and 12 gauge tubing and certified configurations. The REGULAR STYLE roof design includes horizontal roof and you have the option to add. horizontal side panels, but also allows you to choose from vertical or horizontal panels on the front or rear. 


 Our A-Frame Style carports (BOX-EVE CARPORT) are designed to match the architecture of the common A-Frame House, with overhanging eves on either side of the carport. This helps rain, snow, or debris fall away from whatever you store underneath your carport to, further protect your investments.

Our A-FRAME Style is available in 14 gauge and 12 gauge and certified variations, and we can customize to fit your needs with the many accessories we provide, and like all of our carports we use the best raw materials available, skilled fabrication team and installation professionals.

The A-FRAME Style design gives you more paneling options. The roof may be constructed with either horizontal or vertical roof, as well as side panels.


 Vertical buildings are not only more attractive, they are stronger and provide more support. Water, snow and other debris is less likely to accumulate on this style roof requiring less maintenance. Customer satisfaction and great quality are valuable priorities to us, so when our customers want a much stronger and more stable buildings NATIONAL STEEL BUILDINGS, INC. really recommends a vertical building